The Amazon Echo, Amazon’s smart gadget, continues to gain new features. At launch, you could ask it things like “what’s the weather?” or “put roasted almonds on my shopping list.” Then Amazon added smart home controls and, just recently, added ad-free music streaming for Prime subscribers. Now, it’s even more powerful.

Prime subscribers can now reorder items they’ve previously ordered right through the Amazon Echo. I have a new puppy at home, and we’re cruising through wee-wee pads on the regular; if I had an Amazon Echo, I could simply say “Alexa, reorder [specific brand name of wee-wee pads].” You can do that for any number of things, though, like paper towels, trash bags, or anything else that you might actually need to re-order regularly.

Amazon even has some canned responses programmed into Echo. If there’s an issue with billing, or an item is out of stock, for example, you’ll be alerted of that.

The Amazon Echo is still only available through an invite process, but I’m starting to want one more and more.