Amazon caught us by surprise earlier this month with Echo, a Bluetooth speaker and digital assistant hybrid with access to the cloud. Now, the company is finally sending out invites to buy the device, ZDNET reports. At the same time, we’re getting a first look at how Echo’s mobile app will work.

When you’re at home and Amazon Echo is within earshot you won’t really need the app. You can just talk to the device and it will respond, though you can also control certain things from your smartphone. When you’re out and about, though, the Echo app promises to give you access to Amazon’s cloud and all the information you’ve stored in it. That includes your grocery list, music on the company’s streaming service, weather updates and more.

The Amazon Echo app is available now through Google Play, though Android Police notes that it only works on some devices at the moment and there’s no sign of an iOS app yet. Meanwhile, Amazon has also released a Fire TV remote app on Android, which should pair well with the company’s new HDMI streaming stick.