The Amazon Echo has been racking up skills at an impressive pace, and the next feature it adds should really appeal to the couch potato in all of us. The company is apparently set to add support for Logitech’s Harmony remote, making it possible to control your TV with voice commands.

Insider Dave Zatz reported the news this week after receiving an email from Logitech offering him access to the beta test. The message notes that you’ll be able to use Alexa to start and stop specific Harmony Activities. These are preset commands like “Watch Daytime News” or “Watch Evening Sports.” They can also include custom settings for the volume and even your smart lights.

Unfortunately, it sounds like won’t be able to use Alexa for simple tasks like turning the TV on and off, so you may still need to get off the couch occasionally if the remote isn’t in reach. But if you already use Logitech Activities, this is a pretty sweet new feature.