Pretty strong headline, I know, but I really think the Amazon Echo is the best personal assistant gadget out there. It’s on sale today, and you should totally jump on board.

I thought the early reviews were all hype, but they really aren’t. I ask Alexa, the name of the actual assistant built into Echo, to turn on my lights when I start work in the living room each morning. Then, as I head to bed at night, I ask her to turn off my living room lights and turn on my bedroom lights. She plays me music when I relax on the couch, tells me the weather, sports scores, reads me books, can set reminders for me and more. I got along just fine without the Echo, but it’s a gadget I’d miss if it suddenly vanished.

Amazon is selling the Echo for $30 off today only, which means you’ll pay $149.99 for the gadget that’s usually priced at $179.99. That includes free shipping direct from Amazon and, if you’re quick enough, it could be on your doorstep as early as tomorrow (depending on where you live.) Grab one now as this sale is only good for today.

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