Amazon makes most of its smart speakers stationary, but you don’t need to actually use the Echo connected to a wall at all times. Ninety7, an accessory maker that focuses exclusively on smart speakers, just announced the Sky for the Echo (2nd generation). The portable battery base connects to your Echo and gives it the power necessary to run from anywhere

Take your Echo, slide it into the base, and now Alexa can roam free. The Sky also has a built-in handle to make carrying around the smart speaker a lot more practical.

There aren’t any cords, and the Sky should power an Echo for up to eight hours. Then the Sky itself needs to be charged. Ninety7 does tell you how its accessory is doing with small LED lights. As the lights turn off, it’s time to give some power to the Sky.

The Echo, however, cannot be used from absolutely anywhere to the fullest. Amazon’s smart speaker still requires a Wi-Fi connection even attached to the Sky. Ninety7 is merely giving you more flexibility as to where your smart speaker goes at home or in the office.

When it’s released in early June, the Sky will cost $60. But you can pre-order today and get the accessory at a discount. On Ninety7’s online store, the Sky for the Echo is $50. So if you’re interested in using the power of Alexa on a high-end smart speaker from anywhere, go ahead and pick up the Sky today.

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