Amazon is set to add even more Dash buttons to its lineup with dozens of new options reportedly launching this week. The company is apparently determined to keep expanding the technology even if most customers don’t actually use it, The Wall Street Journal reports.

A report from Slice Intelligence earlier this year revealed that fewer than half of the people who ordered a Dash button actually used it to make a purchase. People who do use the device generally place an order once every two months. Customers have also complained that Dash buttons don’t display the price, which can fluctuate pretty drastically between orders.

Dash buttons may not be a great deal for brands either. Amazon charges each company $15 for every one of its button that gets sold. It also takes an extra 15 percent commission on top of its usual cut, which ranges from 8-15 percent. Still, some companies have embraced the program in an effort to maintain ties with the retail giant.

WSJ notes that products like laundry detergent, which need to be restocked on a semi-regular basis, do particularly well. It sounds like the new Dash lineup could focus mostly on similar household products, which means the company may be narrowing its focus a bit even as it continues to expand the service.