Amazon made it incredibly easy to order products when it introduced Dash buttons. Now, the online giant is taking Dash buttons digital in a bid to make buying products even easier.

When you visit or the mobile app, you’ll see a new area dedicated to digital Dash buttons. The new feature is exclusive for Prime members, and provides users with a quick shortcut to find and reorder products. When you visit Amazon’s website, you no longer have to go to a product’s page to order it. Simply find its Dash button and tap buy.

Amazon says your Dash buttons are automatically created for the products you purchase most, but you can edit and organize as you see fit. And if you want to add a Dash button for a specific product, just hit the “add Dash button” on the product’s page.

Dash buttons are available for millions of products that ship with Prime, and you can add as many as you want. And if you for some reason get struck with buyer’s remorse, you’ll have a 30 minute window to cancel your order.

There’s also Subscribe & Save

If you frequently order the same items, you might want to check out Amazon’s Subscribe & Save feature, which will save you money in the long run. These plans will ship you a certain product—e.g. paper towels—every few months, or however often you choose.

Whether you prefer that method or not, Amazon is making it incredibly simple to order products if you’re a Prime member. I’ve already organized some Dash buttons for batteries and other household items, and I suspect other Prime members will do the same in the coming days and weeks.