Amazon is accepting invites for a new service that makes it even easier to order groceries and other household items. As part of its Amazon Fresh project, the company has introduced a little wand, called Amazon Dash, that allows consumers to either speak or scan an item, such as peanut butter, and have it show up the next day. It cuts out the hassle of going to the store, and eliminates the need for Amazon Fresh subscribers to go through a list of items and order them individually online.

The video (below), narrated by a little child fed up with stuff running out at her house, explains the service completely. With the Amazon Dash wand, you can simply say an item or scan it, adding everything directly to your shopping list. So long as you have Dash, you can shop from anywhere in your home, ensuring your kitchen and refrigerator are stocked to capacity—no more empty condiments at your next neighborhood barbecue.

By connecting to your home Wi-Fi network, Amazon Dash is always connected to your Amazon Fresh account; once items are added to your account with Dash, you can then purchase them through the desktop or a mobile device for delivery. Hold down the microphone button, and you can say any number of items available through Fresh; same goes for the Scan It button. The wand itself is about 6-inches long and 1-inch thick—about the size of a regular TV remote.

The initiative is all about making it easier for Amazon Fresh customers to order items, and keeping them engaged throughout the day. It's much harder to keep track of an itemized mental list than it is to quickly speak or scan something. And since items show up next day, Amazon Dash ensures there's a constant flow between Amazon and consumers.

Amazon Fresh is still only available in parts of California and Washington, and Amazon Dash is being offered on an invitation basis for now. For busy families that can't quite seem to make time for a grocery store run, the combination of Fresh and Dash could be hugely convenient. It's so convenient (and unexpected) that it almost doesn't seem like a real thing. Pretty soon humans will be able to think of an item—hamburger—and have it magically materialize right in front of them.

Hamburger. Nothing.