Amazon Dash is an exciting idea but, when the company’s push-to-order buttons first launched, they were limited to just a few products. Now, the retail giant is expanding with more than 100 new Dash buttons for quickly buying anything from toilet paper to Doritos.

The company announced the expanded line-up this week, and you can order as many as you want from Amazon’s website if you’re a Prime subscriber. They cost $4.99 each but come with a $4.99 credit, making each Dash button essentially free.

The concept of Amazon Dash is pretty simple. Just stick the button wherever you normally store a product. Then, when you notice supply of that product is running low, press the button and Amazon will automatically ship more to you. Just make sure you place it out of reach if you have any small children running around the house.

For a full list of all the Amazon Dash options currently available, hit the source link below.