Amazon Chime supports Windows, macOS, iOS and Android, which means folks can tune in to video conference calls from nearly anywhere. If you want to hop from a phone to a computer, you can seamlessly switch even while the video conference is in progress. Amazon promises Chime will offer "crystal clear audio and high definition video," and touts its stability since it runs on Amazon's AWS back-end.

Skype is still best for consumers

Skype still has a big leg-up on Chime when it comes to consumers, though. Amazon's service will likely compete more directly with Skype for Business, since customers will need to pay for access if the call involves anything more than a 1:1 video chat.

Three plans are available: the free aforementioned 1:1 "Amazon Chime Basic," Amazon Chime Plus which costs $2.50 per user per month and supports screen sharing and company directory integration, and Amazon Chime Pro which supports scheduling, recording, custom URLs and video chats for up to 100 people at once. Amazon Chime Pro costs $15 per user per month.

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