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In the past few years Amazon has proven itself to be a serious contender in the tablet market and not just an Internet-based version of Walmart, so it should come as no surprise that the company was quick to respond to Apple’s big iPad announcement yesterday. Visitors to Amazon’s homepage today were greeted by an ad for the recently-announced Kindle Fire HDX, billing the device as “Lighter than Air” in response to Cupertino’s new iPad Air.

The only problem is that while Amazon’s new tablet may be lighter that the iPad Air, it’s also smaller. Apple’s new tablet offers the same 9.7-inch display as the iPad 4 and weighs just 454 grams, while the Kindle Fire HDX comes in 8.9 and 7-inch models that weigh in at 374 and 303 grams, respectively.

That’s not to say Amazon’s tablet isn’t impressively lightweight. The smaller HDX is five grams lighter Apple’s first generation iPad mini (308 grams), while the iPad mini with Retina display jumped up to 331 grams due to its improved specs. Then again, Apple’s smaller slate is almost a full inch larger than the 7-inch Kindle.

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