Don’t buy that Amazon Echo just yet. It looks like the company’s Alexa digital assistant could be headed to the Fire TV, too, based on some source code hidden in the new Fire OS 5 developer preview and spotted by AFTVNews.

Alexa on Fire TV should be able to do almost everything she can do with the Echo. That includes the ability to order some products from Amazon, listen to music or audiobooks, check your calendar, ask random questions and look at your to-do list. You can also check for updates on your favorite sports teams, traffic, weather and hear the news.

The one big feature Fire TV still likely won’t offer is control over the rest of your smart home setup. By comparison, Echo can connect to a variety of products from Wink, SmartThings and more, making it a central hub for your entire house. It’s possible future Fire TV models could include a similar feature, but it’s probably not headed to the company’s current streaming devices.

Amazon is expected to release a new Fire TV pretty soon. According to a recent FCC filing the device could include 4K support, giving it a nice advantage over the new Apple TV. Turning the set-top box into a smart home hub with intelligent voice controls could give Amazon an even bigger edge over the competition.