kindle-fire-hd-8.9-001The combo of Black Friday and Cyber Monday lead to Amazon’s biggest ever period for Kindle sales, the company announced on Tuesday. How many units? Which Kindle was top of the list? Amazon wasn’t forthcoming with that information — it never is. But with a pretty strong lineup of e-readers and tablets, it’s not all that surprising the company had such a lucrative few days

Rather than getting into a measuring contest with competing companies and quantifying total sales with a solid figure, Amazon shared info that tells a story within the context of its own ecosystem: on Cyber Monday it sold the most Kindles ever worldwide, the Kindle Fire HD is the most gifted and wished for product on Amazon and 9 of 10 best-selling products on Amazon are either Kindle, Kindle accessories and digital content.

“We’re excited that customers made this Black Friday and Cyber Monday the best ever for Kindle worldwide — Cyber Monday was the biggest day ever for Kindle sales, and we’re looking forward to millions of customers opening a new Kindle this holiday season,” said David Limp, Vice President, Amazon Kindle.

In addition to its Fire HD ($199), Fire HD 8.9 ($299) and upgraded Fire ($159), Amazon offers a trio of excellent e-readers, and don’t forget the very excellent Kindle Paperwhite.

[via Amazon]