Seth Horvitz, a Washington, D.C. resident, recently took to Amazon to order a brand new 39-inch Westinghouse LED HDTV from one of Amazon’s third-party retailers. He didn’t get a television. He didn’t accidentally get a monitor. He didn’t get an empty box (which might have been better than what he received). He did get, however, a brand new $2,132 Sig Sauer SIG716 semi-automatic assault rifle… left on his doorstep. Good luck watching the Washington Nationals game on that one, pal!

Horvitz reacted like most of us probably would. According to DCist, Horwitz immediately called the police department to alert them he was, mistakenly, in possession of an assault rifle.  The Metropolitan Police Department seized the gun and is currently reviewing how the mix-up occurred. Apparently, the gun was supposed to ship to a gun shop in Pennsylvania instead of to Horvitz.

“Police were a little confused at first, they’ve never seen anything quite like it,” Horvitz explained in an interview with Fox 5. “They just took my information and then said we’ll handle this weapon because it’s illegal to keep here. It’s illegal to transport in a car, so it can’t be returned.” A spokesperson for the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence was relieved of Horvitz’s decision to notify the police.

“Clearly, it’s a dangerous situation in America when assault weapons are so prevalent and can so easily end up in the wrong hands, especially given that the rifle was left on the doorstep,” Carolin Brewer, a spokesperson for the anti-gun violence group told Fox 5. “Thank goodness, Mr. Horvitz and his wife alerted the Metropolitan police right away. This mishap could have led to another tragedy.”

TechnoBuffalo reached out to Amazon but did not immediately receive a response. Amazon doesn’t ship the products from third-party retailers in most instances. We will update this post if and when we receive one.

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