Amazon invite 09-28-11

It seems that Amazon wants to gather the media in New York City on Wednesday, September 28th for … well, they don’t say.  According to All Things D, the invite you see above went out a short while ago, and what exactly the e-tailer will be talking about is not revealed, but it seems pretty safe to assume that this will be the forum for unveiling the long rumored Amazon tablets.

While Amazon has still yet to confirm that the tablets even exist, they are about the worst kept secret in the world of technology in the past few months.  The suspicions have been that they would want to launch them prior to the holiday season, so it only makes sense that they have to take the cover off of them soon, and Sept. 28 seems like a good day as any.

Be sure to tune in next Wednesday as we bring you all of the latest on the tablets that have been speculated as the only ones possible of giving Apple a run for its money.

[via All Things D]