Moving forward, you no longer have to fight over the remote (or go searching for it under your couch’s cushions). Thanks to a new Plex skill for Alexa, you can just tell Amazon’s assistant to play whatever movie, TV show, or music you want, turning the service into a hands-free experience.

The new Plex skill works exactly how you’d expect. You can specify what movie or TV show to play, see what’s in your play queue, and even have Alexa suggest something to watch.

“She knows the ins and outs of your media libraries, making it easier than ever for you to enjoy all your media, totally controlled by voice,” Plex says of the new feature.

To activate it, simply tell Alexa to enable the Plex skill. Once that’s done, link your account and tell Alexa to open Plex. From there, you can access and control your entire media library without a remote.

The new feature is supported by Amazon’s most popular Alexa devices, including the Echo, Echo Dot, and Amazon Fire TV.

Alexa, ask Plex toplay Back to the Future

Alexa has a lot of unusual skills but this is one I can see people getting a lot of mileage out of. Rather than struggling to open Plex, find your movie, and then hit play, Alexa will do the heavy lifting for you. Just say, “Alexa, ask Plex to play Back to the Future.”

The new skill should be available for Alexa-enabled device beginning today.