When Amazon Echo first launched, Amazon Prime members could re-order goods through the Amazon Alexa intelligent assistant using their voice. It was limited, though, in that you couldn’t order anything you wanted. That changes today.

Amazon is rolling out a new feature to Amazon Alexa that lets Amazon Prime members use their voice to order any one of “tens of millions” of products in Amazon’s catalog. Need some toothpaste? “Alexa, order me Crest toothpaste.” Boom, Crest toothpaste is on its way, Mr. Dirtymouth. The function should work on the Amazon Echo, as well as the Echo Dot, Amazon Fire TV and Amazon Tap – anything with Alexa on board.

This is in addition to another update which now allows users to install any number of Amazon Alexa “skills” using their voice. My goodness, I’m loving my Amazon Echo more day by day.