Expect the world’s most popular digital assistant, Alexa, to push further into several categories later this month. Amazon will announce at least eight new connected devices, according to CNBC.

The devices set to go official soon include “a microwave oven, an amplifier, a subwoofer, and an in-car gadget.” Alexa could be built-in on some, and other devices will rely on another device to enable communication. For example, the microwave oven might require an Echo to take action.

While third-party partners already offer a large number of Alexa-powered devices, Amazon plans to make a serious in-house play for the first time. The e-commerce company wants to lead an effort to make Alexa ubiquitous where our lives are centered. Amazon’s Alexa will take a stronger presence at home and in the car.

In recent years, we’ve seen Amazon focus on a handful of devices. It rolled out smart speakers first, and now the portfolio includes smart displays as well as streaming sticks. But third-party partners have blitzed the market with speakers, televisions, thermostats, and more.

Despite Alexa’s success from the Echo line and outside support, the Seattle-based business doesn’t intend on letting up. Amazon has shown an interest in creating a revenue stream based on the home. Ring was acquired in early 2018, and there’s been a report that Amazon’s developing a robot to travel around living spaces.

The installations for Alexa-powered devices in the home also generate revenue. Amazon works with various companies that build homes and complete remodels. In the future, Alexa could be a must-have for every new home during the planning phase.

Amazon, according to the report, will host its latest unveiling sometime in September.