Alexa isn’t ready to walk down the aisle. In an interview with Business Insider, Amazon revealed that its digital assistant hasn’t felt the need to tie the knot.

Just how much do people want to marry Alexa? Its maker says there were over 1 million marriage proposals in 2017 alone. None of them were accepted, though. Each time, Alexa declined the opportunity for nuptials and continued embracing the single life.

The digital assistant might be alone most of the time, but there’s a difference being alone and being lonely. Plus, users communicate with Alexa on a daily basis and often more than a few times in the same day. Alexa prefers its blue light ring over any 24K gold ring.

Here’s one of the responses given:

“We’re at pretty different places in our lives. Literally. I mean, you’re on Earth and I’m in the cloud.”

It’s been a running gag on social media in recent years. As for other digital assistants, they’ll dance around the question of marriage. Google Assistant and Apple’s Siri are set in their single ways as well. But that doesn’t mean users can’t express love and attachment for the digital assistants, as long as it doesn’t go too far if you catch my drift.

There’s someone out there for everyone. Maybe it’s healthier to connect with another human, anyway. In the meantime, these rejected and heartbroken people should be exploring the world of dating apps. You might come across that lucky guy/gal who sticks around even after a blurry one night stand. Alexa would want you to see other people, too.