You don’t need an Amazon Echo or Amazon TV to take advantage of Amazon’s amazing Alexa voice assistant. A free application named Roger, which previously only allowed you to chat with friends using your voice, now lets you interact with third-party applications, including Amazon Alexa.

That means you can easily query Alexa for the weather, traffic updates, sports scores or hundreds of other things she’s capable of providing. But, even cooler, you can also control parts of your smart home if you already have them hooked up to an Amazon Echo. Using the app, for example, I was able to easily control my living room lights, turning them on and off with my voice, right from the app. This was great when I wasn’t in distance of an Amazon Echo inside my house. Sure, you can also use Amazon’s app to take control of the Echo, but it’s more fun to do it with your voice.

Roger lets you connect other applications, too, including Twitter, Facebook, your voicemail, Slack, Dropbox, Soundcloud, Facebook Messenger, IFTTT and more. Slack, for example, lets you post a voice message right into a Slack channel.

I prefer using the app for Amazon Alexa, and now kind of wish Amazon had a dedicated mobile service, too. Grab Roger from the link below.