Amazon on Thursday announced its Alexa assistant is now just an iPhone away. Thanks to an update to Amazon’s shopping app, iPhone owners (U.S. only) can take advantage of Alexa’s myriad skills, from controlling your home gadgets to tracking your orders.

To use the new feature, simply press the microphone button in the Amazon shopping app. That’s it.

The implementation isn’t quite as elegant as what you get from an Echo or Echo Dot—those offer hands-free Alexa integration. However, the new update brings Amazon’s excellent assistant to even more users, which is always a good thing.

Amazon’s shopping app has always supported voice search, but today’s update allows iPhone owners to tap into Alexa’s skills—of which there are thousands. That includes ordering products and even playing music, which Prime users get as part of their subscription.

Give it a shot

Amazon’s Alexa is slowly making its way to other platforms, from other speakers to Android. Amazon said it plans to roll out Alexa integration into its shopping app for Android, but it’s an iOS exclusive for now.

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