Amazon has a lot of enemies in the tech industry, and now you can add one more to the list. The retail giant just introduced restaurant deliveries to its Prime Now service, putting it in direct competition with Grubhub-Seamless and a handful of other companies.

Amazon’s restaurant delivery option exists inside the regular Prime Now app, which lets shoppers receive certain products in two hours for free or in just one hour for an extra $7.99. Things work a little different with this new offering though. The company notes that it won’t charge any extra fees for your dinner, and promises to deliver fresh meals in an hour or less.

The new feature is currently limited to Amazon’s own hometown of Seattle with a few dozen hand-picked restaurants. Earlier reports suggested the service could launch in both Seattle and New York, so we may see it arrive on the East Coast pretty soon. Prime Now already covers 10 major cities across the country, giving Amazon plenty of options for expansion.

Amazon actually tried something similar last year, adding restaurant deliveries to its Amazon Local service. That effort never really gained much momentum, but it looks like the company is ready to try again.