Amazon and you're done

Amazon has allegedly scooped up voice recognition app Evi for $26 million, according to sources speaking to TechCrunch. Amazon, Evi and backers Octopus Ventures have all declined to comment on the rumor. Sometimes silence says a lot more than actual talking does. It sure looks like Amazon is intent on combining Evi with IVONA, a text-to-speech firm Amazon acquired earlier this year.

This isn't the first time Amazon has been interested in voice technology, but it may very well be the last piece it needs to create a Siri-competitor. For what, and when it might launch, is still unclear. You could certainly make an argument an Amazon smartphone is coming, however, and it wouldn't even sound all that crazy anymore.

Speculation surrounding an Amazon phone has been heavy for the better part of a year, but all we've seen thus far is updates to its Kindle Fire lineup. The company could very well just introduce something new to its Kindles later this summer and call it a day, or it could be a headlining feature for a new smartphone. We don't know. But hopefully we'll find out soon.