Fire TV in the Woods - 05

Amazon has acknowledged its Fire TV set-top box, which was just recently launched in April, has a problem with hogging data. A post over on Liisten details the issue, and says that usage of the Fire TV secretly boosted one user's Internet well past his or her monthly download cap. I'm talking hundreds of GB over—one day in particular went all the way up to 80GB.

There haven't been many widespread reports about the issue just yet, so it could potentially be isolated. But Amazon did acknowledge there is a problem, so the company may have received numerous complaints. The online retailer reached out to user Tyler Hayes and said it was an "edge case" bug related to the company's screensaver; when the mosaic feature is turned on (not the default setting) images will not be cached.

That's what appears to be hogging all the data—not Amazon's Advanced Streaming and Prediction (ASAP) feature as previously thought. Amazon promised a software update to fix the bug, and recommended users turn off their mosaic view for the screensaver in the meantime to avoid any unwanted data overages. Good to know.

Other than this little hiccup, Amazon's Fire TV is a terrific streamer, and offers plenty of great features for those invested in the Amazon ecosystem. Just watch out because it sips data like water.

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