Amazon Kindle Phone

Amazon is reportedly working building two smartphones, one of them with a 3D screen, as well as an audio device that's only capable of playing streaming audio, The Wall Street Journal said Thursday afternoon.

The 3D smartphone will reportedly offer screens similar to 3D phones we saw a few years ago, which is bizarre considering those were mainly viewed as a gimmicky flops among consumers. Apparently Amazon will take the tech a step further and will allow users to move between screens with their eyes. That's similar to Samsung's own eye-watching technology.

The products are currently being designed and tested in Lab126, an Amazon office where the company is also allegedly working on a set-top box and the second smartphone, of which little is known about, although early rumors suggested one will have a 4.7-inch screen. Amazon uses Android to power its Kindle Fire family of tablets, so we assume it will move with that OS with its smartphones, too.