The video above may look like a scene out of your favorite sci-fi movie, but it’s actual technology being developed by Microsoft right now. The company recently revealed holoportation, a new feature for its upcoming HoloLens that lets you communicate with other people using realistic holograms in real time.

There are a few limitations and requirements. First, both people need to be wearing the HoloLens for it to really work. With two headsets equipped you can interact as if you were actually in the same room and even high-five each other.

The technology also requires a pretty high-tech setup, with an array of 3D camera positioned around the room to record you from multiple angles. So, holoportation would likely be pretty limited, at least initially.

Still, The technology clearly has a ton of potential. Beyond communicating in real-time with friends, family and colleagues, it also records all your conversations for future playback. That means you can re-watch those interactions in the future at full scale or miniaturized, experiencing what Microsoft calls a “living memory.”

It all sounds pretty amazing, though we’re still waiting for the company to actually release a consumer version of HoloLens. Until then, you’ll have to go back to watching Star Wars to experience holographic communication.