"Ok Google," the popular voice command feature baked into Android, is coming to your Chromebook. The always-on assistant will be active at all times when your screen is on and your notebook is unlocked.

"Ok Google" is currently built into Chrome OS developer builds, according to Google's François Beaufort, who frequently teases upcoming Chrome features on Google+. Once it is stable and Google has ironed out its teething troubles, the feature will be made available to all Chromebook users.

If you want to try "Ok Google" before then, you'll need to enable the Chrome OS Dev Channel.

"If you're on the Dev Channel now and have previously enabled the App Launcher Start Page hidden behind the experimental chrome://flags/#enable-app-launcher-start-page flag, it should work out the box," Beaufort explains. "Just say "Ok Google" and search for something by saying it. That's all."

"Ok Google" on Chrome OS will only be used for search initially, but Beaufort hints at future commands that may enable users to open apps and perform other actions using only their voice.

2015 looks like it could be the year digital assistants become mainstream on desktop operating systems. In addition to "Ok Google" on Chrome OS, we've already seen glimpses of Cortana in Windows 10, and reports have long claimed Apple will soon be bringing Siri to OS X.