Qualcomm and Microsoft have been working together to bring us more portable, versatile computers. These aren’t quite like traditional laptops and tablets, though. The two companies are developing the Always Connected PC platform. It allows you to have an ultra-thin computer that’s always on, holds an LTE connection, and runs long on a single charge.

Partners have already stepped forward to make the hardware. Now it’s up to Qualcomm and Microsoft to ensure consumers can find an Always Connected PC.

This week they’re announcing a list of carriers and retailers that have agreed to sell Always Connected PCs in the United States and beyond. With the new additions, it does look like the platform has a pretty good chance at succeeding.

When the platform debuted late last year, only Verizon and Sprint signed on to sell Always Connected PCs. Two months later and two more U.S. carriers have joined them. T-Mobile and AT&T have agreed to let customers bring Always Connected PCs to their networks.

There are currently a little more than a dozen carriers from around the world committing to the platform.

You’ll be able to find Always Connected PCs at just two retailers in the U.S., but one of them is the nation’s leading online retailer. Amazon and the Microsoft Store will be the go-to spots for the Snapdragon-based hardware. Qualcomm and Microsoft should be expected to bring in more retailers, such as Best Buy, in the coming months.

HP, ASUS, and Lenovo have already announced their Snapdragon-based Windows devices set to arrive in the first half of 2018. Specific availability is still unknown, but Qualcomm says the hardware is nearing release.