If you’re interested in the petite iPad, but not the new Smart Cover, it looks like you’ll have plenty of options. Within moments, my inbox had gotten notifications for upcoming products like Otterbox’s iPad mini Defender Series ($69.95) cases and Zagg’s iPad mini InvisibleShield ($30–40).

Otterbox ipad mini

Zagg invisible shield ipad mini

One of the most eye-catching ones in my inbox are these from a lesser-known company called X-Doria. There’s a healthy selection here boasting designs for style-driven users, both men and women. The prices range from $20 to 40.

X Doria

X Doria 1

X Doria 3

X Doria 2

X Doria 4

It’s kind of crazy that these companies seemed to know precisely what Apple would unveil. There’s a theory that certain favored accessory makers get a heads-up from the company, so Cupertino can have an eco-system of products available from the get-go. I don’t buy this. Apple’s once-formidable wall of secrecy has been more like thin, see-through plastic wrap lately. With copious leaks all over the place, it’s unlikely that sneak peeks at unreleased products are readily available. So what then?

Well, those product leaks that tech fanatics love reading about are also the same ones that accessory manufacturers are probably gobbling up. My guess is, some are mocking up their own dummies based on those (or they have their own “in” somewhere in the supply chain) and then speculatively designing around that. It’s a bit of a gamble, but that way, they can announce plans to launch alongside the product debut. (And if you notice, not too many reputable companies have accessories on Day 1; there’s typically a pre-order period, so they can ramp up production.)

Do you have a theory on how these accessory makers can have product so quickly? Have you gotten notifications like these already, too? (And if so, which one are you going to purchase, if any?) Weigh in.