We showed you the screenshots, and now here it is in motion. Fans of Sandlot's B-budget third person shooter series, Earth Defense Force, will be happy to know that everything is falling into place for the next game in the franchise, Earth Defense Force 4. It's shaping up into yet another iteration of massive insect slaughter, and we're eating up every second of it.

Giant ants roam the streets as terrified citizens flee in terror. Huge spiders string their webs throughout the city. Cheesy inspirational Japanese one-liners puncture the overpowering roars of gunfire. This is true Earth Defense Force as it was always meant to be; pure simplistic third-person shooter fun with nothing but camp and solid mechanics to back it up.

The trailer also shows a first look at the new female jet pack troops not available in the last game, but also new to the fray are the rag doll death animations that send your nameless hero spread eagle and sky-high into the air. No look into online co-op yet, but fans of the series should know what to expect really. Just shoot a lot of ants, and you'll be fine.

No release date yet for Earth Defense Force 4, but it will be released some time next year for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. No international release confirmation either, but D3 Publishers has just announced they will be bringing the PlayStation Vita port of Earth Defense 2017 to America.

[via Siliconera]