Despite demand, it seems like our desire to wander around haunted houses in the dark just isn’t meant to be – Allison Road has been canceled.

Konami’s P.T. whet gamers’ collective appetites before being unceremoniously canned by the publisher on their way out of big budget gaming. Cries of disappointment were loud and frantic, and it wasn’t long before enterprising game developers were trying to replicate what made that “playable teaser” so interesting. The game that came out of this was Allison Road.

The spiritual successor went to Kickstarter almost immediately, but the team pulled the campaign before it completed, instead going into a publishing deal with Worms dev Team 17.

As the tweet says, the team plans to issue a statement in the next few days. The posting is vague, but it suggests that there isn’t a happy ending to this that involves the team joining another horror project or something like that.

More likely is that a funding issue or problem concerning development forced Team 17 to pull their support. The game is separate enough from P.T. and Silent Hills that legal interference from Konami seems unlikely. We’ll know more about the game’s actual fate soon.