White Nexus 5 Leak

Following up on a recent leak of what appeared to be the retail packaging for a white version of the Nexus 5, a new render has shown up purporting to show the handset off.

After the mistake made by Google last week of placing the Nexus 5 in the Google Play Store momentarily, there is no question that the phone is on its way. The questions we are left with, however, are when exactly we can purchase the new handset, and if it will come in colors other than black. Evidence is definitely mounting that there will be a white version in addition to the black one, and the latest leak discovered by Ctechcn only adds to that. Now if Google would just stop playing games and make the official announcement!

Updated: It does appear the render is fake. We're not horribly surprised, and of course Google could solve all of these problems by just going ahead and announcing the Nexus 5.