Google-Nexus-tablet-AsusWhat you're looking at is Google's alleged Nexus Tab, a Tegra 3-equipped device we're expecting to see at the Google I/O conference later this month. The tab is being headed by the Asus team — as corroborated by the big ole Asus logo on the back — and will offer a 7-inch screen. It looks like a Galaxy Note and original iPhone had a giant baby.

The tipster who sent PhoneArena the two supposed press draft images said the device will indeed pack a quad-core CPU, along with 1GB of RAM. The source also said the tablet will run an update to Android 4.0, Android 4.1, which showed up in benchmarks late last month. Perhaps the bump to 4.1 will introduce Google's new mapping technology unveiled on Wednesday.

From a design standpoint (if this is the final design), the two-tone is certainly a departure from what something like the Kindle Fire looks like — probably its biggest competitor in the 7-inch range — which is just a solid black rectangle. Google I/O kicks off on June 27, so we're only a few weeks away from knowing what the Nexus Tablet will really look like.

[via PhoneArena]