galaxy-nexus-2-sample-photoAn alleged photo snapped by the Samsing i9260 — better known as (possibly) the Galaxy Nexus 2 — was found sneaking around on Google's Picasa service on Monday. My eyes are not impressed.

The above sample reportedly represents the kind of quality we can expect from the sequel device. While it does look to have been taken inside — smartphone cameras typically struggle indoors due to decreased light sources — there is more than enough light to produce a decent image. If we were to judge from the example alone, we'd hope that this doesn't indicate what we could expect when the device hits.

It's unfair to judge it too much since we don't know how authentic the image is, so we'll bite our tongues for now. The EXIF data shows that the Nexus 2 may launch with a f/2.65 lens with 4mm focal length — slightly better than the Galaxy S III — so perhaps it won't be all that bad.

The Samsung device is expected to launch before the year is up, and could land alongside a few other Nexus handsets from manufacturers such as HTC. Cameras are hugely important in the market today, so let's hope that the quality is on a par with some of today's top smartphone shooters when the device hits.

[via Phandroid]