It won't be long until we see the next Nexus 10. According to a brief Tweet by serial leaker @evleaks, the device is "getting closer" to an official unveiling, likely during Google's rumored Oct. 14 Android 4.4 event. What else are we expecting that day? Ah, yes, a Nexus 5, which we've seen from pretty much every angle over the past several weeks.

Compared to the fervor surrounding the Nexus 5 (and, earlier this year, the Nexus 7), there's hasn't been much love for the Nexus 10. There's been some speculation over which company was going to be at the helm this year, and the alleged inventory screenshot provided by @evleaks points directly at Asus—bye bye, Samsung.

Other than (supposed) confirmation of which company is making the upcoming Nexus 10, it's still unclear how it'll differ from last year's version. Some updated specs, sure, and some much-needed design tweaks. But what else will Asus and Google bring to the plate? The real exciting stuff will likely turn up in Android 4.4, so we'll just have to wait another few weeks to see what materializes.