We pretty much already know what to expect from the next Nexus device. But while the internal components aren’t much of a mystery, we aren’t really sure what the device will look like. A new drawing, shared by OnLeaks, allegedly shows what the back of the LG-made phone will look like based on very early information. Information that OnLeaks admits could be false.

The drawing above shows off a device with plenty of cutouts, two of which are pretty easy to identify. That other hole, however, is the big mystery. OnLeaks suggests it could be for a fingerprint reader, though he also says it might be for a separate camera lens, similar to what we saw from the HTC One M8. We’ve heard rumors about a possible duo camera system, but considering how poorly it was implemented by HTC, Google would be taking a big risk by supporting something similar.

Android M will add standard support for fingerprint sensors, so that other cutout could be for some kind of scanner on the back. That would be great, though we’re not quite sold on the placement. Again, HTC tried something similar, putting the fingerprint sensor on the back, and it wasn’t particularly functional. We’d prefer it to be placed on the front, similar to implementations from Apple, Samsung and OnePlus.

It’s difficult to get a feel for the device based on a drawing. There isn’t much here at all; a black rectangle with some cutouts. But it could very well be our first glimpse at the upcoming LG Nexus, which we’ve already heard a lot about. The device will reportedly feature a 5.2-inch display, 2700mAh battery, Snapdragon 808 processor and more.

There have been rumors the LG-made Nexus would be unlike anything we’ve ever seen, and the image above might be our first look.