Kindle Fire 2013 leak from evleaks

Things are definitely heating up in the land of rumors surrounding the Amazon Kindle Fire line. A new image appeared online today courtesy of prolific gadget leaker @evleaks that shows off another Kindle Fire model.

With a nearly perfect record on leaks for @evleaks, we have to say we're intrigued by this new Kindle Fire. It appears to be missing a front facing camera, which leads us to believe this may be a non-HD model as those received that addition last year and we doubt Amazon would take away anything in an update.

The number of Kindle Fire leaks has been increasing recently does seem to indicate that Amazon will be launching the new models in the very near future. With the all important holiday shopping season coming up, we'd be willing to bet the announcement will be fairly soon.

Stay tuned for TechnoBuffalo for all of the latest rumors on this year's Kindle Fire models.