Apple is expected to unveil the iPhone SE next week at an event in California and, now, an alleged – and we use that term so loosely here that we basically just mean fake – version of the phone is circulating. But we’ll let you look at it anyway.

In the video above, you’ll see a shop in China appears to be selling a dummy model of this so-called iPhone SE. It only takes a few seconds to convince one shop to pull what looks like an iPhone SE out of a drawer. The device looks pretty convincing, with a sleek design that matches recent leaks and an Apple logo on the back. It is missing the usual FCC markings, however, which is a red flag.

Our guess is that this is some sort of dummy prototype that was possibly built using leaked schematics. It’s also possible it’s just a ploy to trick all of us into thinking this miniaturized iPhone 6 is actually an iPhone 5SE. We’ll let you decide for yourself but let us give you a nudge in the right direction: it’s (probably) fake.