How likely is it for Apple to re-introduce its iPhone C lineup? Well, according to a plethora of recent rumors, it’s happening, and a new leak seems to confirm the product’s existence. Only, this year, it might not be what you think.

A picture posted by Lacustomiz, via Cult of Mac, seemingly presents an iPhone 6c shell that looks a lot like an iPhone 6. Gone is the plastic, and instead Apple has apparently opted for an aluminum shell, just with a smaller frame for a 4-inch screen. That means Apple could have three different aluminum options come this fall.

As Cult of Mac points out, the site that leaked these images has a non-existent track record when it comes to leaking Apple products, so there’s no telling if they’re are indeed authentic. If they are real, it essentially looks like the iPhone C line is all grown up.

You’ll notice that the antenna bands are much slimmer compared to the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, suggesting the design may have been refined for the upcoming generation. The bottom speaker grill has also been machined to match what we saw in the iPhone 5/iPhone 5s. So basically this is an iPhone 5/iPhone 5c hybrid, meant to slot in at the smaller end for folks who don’t want behemoth phones.

Hey, that doesn’t sound half bad. Note that this leak conflicts with another recent leak, which showed off a supposed iPhone 6c shell in plastic.