What typically happens before every big iPhone release is a slow unveiling part by part. Before previous iterations, we saw internals, back plates and even smaller pieces, like volume rockers and power buttons. Today, well ahead of a potential fall iPhone launch, we might be getting a glimpse at the larger screen real estate coming to Apple’s famously small handset.

One thing Apple has always struggled with is keeping the iPhone at a comfortable size, while also catering to evolving trends. When it increased the screen size to 4-inches with the iPhone, Apple was forced to increase the size of the device as well, though it still built something very manageable and familiar to iPhone users. This time, however, it appears the company will maintain the familiar size of the iPhone 5/5s, yet still increase the device’s screen real estate.

As you can see in the comparison—from iPhone 4/4s, to iPhone 5/5s, to possibly the iPhone 6—the screen of the upcoming iPhone appears to be edge-to-edge, while also getting slightly taller. We’ve been hearing Apple could push the next iPhone’s screen size to 4.7 inches, which is a very comfortable and manageable size, best highlighted in the Moto X (the two are roughly the same size, though the Moto X manages this because it doesn’t have a physical home button).

Nowhereelse.fr, via Google Translate, says the authenticity of these photos is questionable, and notes that someone could have simply tampered with an iPhone 5/5s part. The part is also doubtful because of the home button’s placement, which is a little off-center and runs into the actual screen. However, Nowhereelse plays devil’s advocate, saying that this could potentially be a defective part produced for prototypes, meaning it could very well be the real deal.

Even if the part you see above is fake, we wouldn’t be surprised to see Apple actually manage to keep the same size of the iPhone 5/5s, but still increase the screen real estate. Many reports suggest the iPhone 6 will get as big as 4.7 inches, while other rumors claim Apple will produce two different models, the bigger of which will go up to 5.5 inches in an attempt to do battle in the phablet market.