Once again leaks of the schematics for the iPhone 6 have popped up online, giving us possibly even more confirmation of what the next iteration of the iPhone could look like.

Schematics claiming to be that of the iPhone 6 have popped up online before, and now this weekend a new set appeared via Chinese news site Wei Feng that are reportedly from a source within Foxconn. The new schematics don’t show us very much beyond what we have already seen from other schematics (in the gallery below), but these new ones do include precise measurements saying the phone will be 138mm tall by 67mm wide.

We can also see these new iPhone 6 schematics line up with all of the others we’ve seen along with the dummy units that have been popping up showing the power button having been moved to the side, the shape of the volume buttons changing and the antenna breaks on the back suggesting that Apple will be changing the back of the iPhone to no longer include glass but instead be three sections of aluminum.

Considering how many variations of this iPhone 6 have shown up we have to believe that this is indeed the real deal or we are not in one of the longest, most elaborate hoaxes ever for a cell phone. There is also a slim chance that these schematics are all from a prototype and not the final version of the phone, but our money does seem to be leaning towards this being exactly what we will see when Tim Cook hits the stage to introduce the iPhone 6 later this year.