Apple’s set to announce the iPhone 6 later today. We’re expecting several hardware improvements, in addition to a brand new industrial design, though one feature that still remains a relative mystery is the camera. We’ve seen plenty of leaked photos of the lens and a large camera ring around it, but what will that all add up to? Apple will explain later today, but in the meantime we have an photo sample allegedly captured by the iPhone 6.

Note: in the gallery above, the iPhone 6 image is the first, followed by the iPhone 5s, followed by the LG G3.

The images were published by the same person who leaked the iPhone 6 hands-on video yesterday, which looked legitimate at the least. You’ll note the low-light shot is much clearer than one snapped by an iPhone 5s, which is much granier, but still on a par with the LG G3 camera sample. Since the G3 image faces an entirely different direction, it’s hard to compare them Apples to Apples (pun intended).

We expect Apple to announce several camera enhancements for the iPhone 6. The larger 5.5-inch iPhone 6 may also offer optical image stabilization (OIS), which should mean even clearer low-light pictures. We’ll know the full story soon.