With mere days to go before the Apple iPhone press event, it seems that there are still at least a few things to leak out. Multiple sites have released pictures of what is alleged to be the logic board for the iPhone 5C.

Over the past 24 hours both CTechCN and users of Chinese microblogging site Sina Weibo have released images of what they claim to be the logic board for the iPhone 5C. While it may not appear that exciting at first glance, it does actually tell us at least one piece of informations, and that is that it’s extremely similar to the leaks of the iPhone 5S logic board. The belief has been for some time that the iPhone 5C would be similar in specs to the iPhone 5, but now there is some questions. With the shielding in place, however, we can’t see any of the chips to get a better idea of what is exactly in play here.

As with all leaks you need to view these with a suspicious eye, but with Apple’s press event happening on Tuesday, it’s not too surprising to see parts surfacing.

Be sure to tune in on Sept. 10 for all of our coverage of the unveiling of the iPhone 5C and the iPhone 5S.