How do we know when a product launch is incoming? Typically when we start seeing renders, photos and leaked parts. TVC-Mall and TrueSupplier recently began selling white and black home buttons that are allegedly for the “iPhone 5.” We’re not sure why the sites would start selling parts for a phone that doesn’t exist yet, but MacRumors noticed that the buttons aren’t the same as those used on Apple’s current batch of iOS devices.

We’ve seen similar leaks in the past. Case-Mate accidentally posted “iPhone 5” cases before the last iPhone launch that looked absolutely nothing like the iPhone 4S. We’re guessing that the case maker built renders or actual cases based on false dimension information, and it’s possible that TVC-Mall and TrueSupplier are following in the same footsteps. Maybe these are real, but it’s just a home button, after all.

[via MacRumors]