iphone 5 case

Just before the iPhone 4S made its debut, several case manufacturers began publishing images of new "iPhone 5" cases. Even big name firms like Case Mate were publishing the new cases but, of course, the iPhone 4S made its debut and it didn't look anything like the "iPhone 5" we had heard so much about. Well folks, we're back into that territory all over again.

TVC-Mall on Wednesday released several images (more like renders) of "iPhone 5" cases that it's reportedly selling for just $1.58 each. The new cases line-up with rumors suggesting that Apple's next iPhone will come equipped with a new charging port and are thinner and taller than the current generation iPhone. We're guessing these were built off of the same leaked design materials that helped us create our detailed mockups of the iPhone 5.

As always, take this stuff with a grain of salt.

iPhone 5 Case Gallery

[via 9to5Mac, TVC-Mall]