iPad-Mini-housing-inner-630x469An interesting set of photos have popped up on a Ukrainian site that reveal previously unknown info about Apple’s upcoming iPad mini. Notably, support for cellular data, which has been a point of contention since rumors of the smaller tab began swirling. Additionally, the device will quite obviously sport the anodized look of the iPhone 5, immediately setting it apart from its bigger iPad brother.

A source supposedly “close to [an] Apple production line in China” snapped the photos in question, showing off both a rear black shell and a white front piece. The front glass reflects a smaller side bezel, corroborating multiple rumors suggesting as much.

Otherwise, aside from the possibility of cellular support, there’s not too much else to get from the photos. The headphone placement is on the top like the iPad right now, while the smaller Lightning connector is present at the bottom. We may see press invites for the iPad mini event go out as early as next Wednesday, so start getting ready for one of Apple’s most popular gadgets to go smaller.

[via AppleInsider]