gold iPad mini 2 rear shell leak

Some new images have surfaced of what is alleged to be the second generation iPad mini, this time with Apple's newest gold color, and the Touch ID fingerprint sensor in tow.

With the popularity of the gold version of the iPhone 5s leading to shortages, it isn't too surprising that the color might make its way to other devices from the company. To date there had been no signs of the color appearing on the iPad 5 or iPad mini 2 beyond some alleged SIM trays a few weeks ago. Once a back panel showed up in Space Gray for the iPad mini 2 this week, a gold version seemed inevitable, and at least we have that evidence.

The folks over at published the images you see in this post, and while there is nothing to confirm these parts are legit, from the looks alone we'd have to say this looks pretty spot on.

What is a bit surprising is the inclusion of the fingerprint scanner in the mini. While there have been a few rumors of Touch ID coming to the iPad 5,  this is the first time we've seen anything about it being included in the diminutive tablet.

Should these parts prove to be real, a gold version of the fifth generation iPad seems inevitable, as does the inclusion of Touch ID. We're not quite sure why you need a fingerprint scanner on a tablet, but it looks like we're about to find out.

Currently Apple has not made any announcements about when we could see the new tablets, but current rumors are pointing to a press event on Oct. 15. Stay tuned for more coverage over the coming weeks.

gold iPad mini 2 Touch ID leak