How many times can a product leak before it’s announced? We’re still counting, but images for parts of the iPad 5 seem to flood out almost daily, even though Apple’s event is just five days from now. The latest batch of photos portray an alleged iPad 5 panel picked up by Sonny Dickson. We’re inclined to believe these are legit, since Sonny Dickson had most of the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c parts ahead of launch.

These pictures aren’t as enticing as the comparison shots we’ve seen between the iPad 5 and the iPad 4, but it tells us that Apple is clearly already working with parts suppliers to buy new panels for its upcoming iPad – as if there was any question that new iPads are indeed on the way.

Hopefully Sonny Dickson can get his hands on some iPad mini 2 panels, because we’re really curious to learn whether or not Apple has plans to add a Retina display to its smaller tablet. There are reports from both sides right now, with some suggesting that Apple will indeed pack a higher-res display in the iPad mini 2, while some suggest otherwise. Again, we’ll know in just five days.