Huawei Smartwatch leak 2

Huawei is expected to announce a smartwatch next week in Spain, and we may have already gotten our first look at it courtesy of one of the company’s executives.

Posted to Chinese social site Weibo, the pictures were shared by a Huawei executive with the caption, “My new toy. Do you like this color?” While this does not cement that this is indeed Huawei’s upcoming wearable device, what the executive is showing off is indeed something that not be seen before.

While many wearable devices are far from stylish, if this is indeed the final design, it takes the prize for the most awkward yet. The protruding display is just screaming to take a pounding through out he day, not to mention how it would catch on the cuffs of coats and long sleeve shirts. And the design in general is just abysmal at first glance.

One should always wait to pass final judgement until a device is seen in person, but if this is indeed what Huawei is releasing, it’s going to take a lot to win over not only us, but consumers in general.

Huawei Smartwatch leak 1