We expect Apple to sell the iPhone 6 in silver, gray and gold, but we won’t know for certain until Apple speaks later today during its iPhone 6 press conference. Now we’re getting a look at what the gold iPhone 6 may officially look like.

The photo appear to line up with the leaked back panels we’ve seen in the past, and Nowhereelse.fr, which published the images, says it admits it thought the photos were suspicious at first but that some “inconsistencies… have since been explained by more or less convincing arguments.”

The site warns that it’s possible what we’re looking are still “suspect,” considering that several people also have a similar unit. That said, as we mentioned above, the color hue appears to match what we’ve seen. The parts line up with earlier leaked components, but Nowhereelse.fr said it the minute hand on the clock appears to be longer than the same hand on the iOS 8 beta clock.

Real or fake? We’ll know later today.